Tad Ladd West Kentucky Whitetail 2017 Early Muzzleloader Hunt Summary

The 2017 two day early muzzleloader hunt was the hottest hunt of the season to date.

We had 7 guests in camp, and each guest hunted hard in spite of the hot weather. Our guests were able to put 3 fantastic western Kentucky bruisers on the ground. A testament to our guides and our farms and management plan.

 We had a great time getting to know knew folks, and hanging out with old friends. The food was fantastic as usual.

Our guests saw a total of 6 shooters, and seen numerous young up and comers.

Thanks to our crew; Michael, Tina, Larry,  being pro's and giving the extra effort, and ensuring our guests were taken care of.


Call 270-559-6373 to come fair chase hunt with us here in beautiful western Kentucky.