Get Back to Nature


Family Reunions - Class Reunions - Corporate Retreats - Weddings

We want hunters and non-hunters alike to enjoy the natural beauty of our properties. We designed our facilities to be used for a multitude of activities.  The lodging complex is located in the heart of our properties, nestled in one of the many hollers' that make up our landscape. Enjoy the relaxing peace and quiet, as you take in all of our natural wonder, with all the amenities of a five star resort.

We have created a fabulous place to relax, in the peace and quiet of nature, and simply slow down and take it all in.  Bring your family or group and get on Kentucky time.


Hikers, Bikers and Nature Enthusiasts


We are renowned for hosting hunting enthusiasts from every walk of life from every part of the country. Western Kentucky and its natural habitat offer some of the best deer hunting to be found anywhere in the country. We manage our properties in a manner to take advantage of this natural wonder, and we have created an intricate trail system that assists us in our hunting efforts. We have created miles of trails spanning all over our properties to help us move our guests in a smooth, quiet and safe manner. These trails make incredible hiking and biking opportunities. Trails that wind through our hills and hollers, passing by and around bluffs and creeks, through valleys and fields, putting all our natural grandeur on display. You can spend hours and hours taking in all the quiet natural beauty, while hiking or biking our many miles of trails. Rugged or refined, we have a trail for you. When you have had all you want, return to the lodge for a relaxing evening around the fire enjoying all the hospitality of home. Email here for details


Wedding Bells


Our remote, natural setting offers a spectacular place for the couple looking for a cozy venue, surrounded by the ones they cherish most. Plenty of space for the ceremony and post nuptial celebration, and room to host the guests once the newlyweds depart for the honeymoon. If you are looking for a slower pace and a comfortable environment, check us out. We host May, June and July dates. Email here for details


Company Team-Building, Training, and Retreats


Our remote setting is ideal for the company or group needing to get away from the fast paced grind, and concentrate or think-tank in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Take some time to walk our trails and simply take in nature.

In Chopras "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", he writes, "Spending time in nature enables you to sense the harmonious interaction of all the elements and forces of life. Whether it be a stream, a forest, a mountain, a lake, or the seashore, that connection with nature's intelligence will also help you access the field of pure potentiality. You must learn to get in touch with the innermost essence of your being. The affluence of the universe - the lavish display and abundance of the universe - is an expression of the creative mind of nature. The more tuned in you are to the mind of nature, the more you have access to its infinite, unbounded creativity."

We couldn't agree more. Get your team or group re-energized and re-focused. If you have a special project that requires quiet seclusion and privacy, our facility has all the modern amenities required in order to achieve your goal. Wi-fi, satellite and meeting areas, and separate lodging for guys and gals. Email here for details


Kentucky Bourbon Tasting


Kentucky whiskey is famous around the world. We are fortunate to have a Bourbon Ambassador who is going to share with our guests the rich history of our states bourbons as we enjoy  samples and tastings of famous brands and local legends. It's a great way to introduce our guests to our history and display the hospitality we are known for.