Tad Ladd West Kentucky Whitetail 2017 Youth Rifle Hunt Summary

The 2017 Youth Rifle was just a fantastic hunt. We had 7 young hunters and a mom, a brother and five dads in camp.

 Our guests killed 4 great bucks and took 2 big does.

It was unseasonably warm the first day and Sunday morning, but we had a cold front blow through mid morning on Sunday, and the Sunday afternoon hunt showed just how incredible western Kentucky can be.

Our guests saw several shooters while in the stand, and was able to see a lot of activity.

We kicked off the weekend with a big fish fry, thanks to guest Aaron McPeek. Aaron brought us a bunch of crappie filets, and everyone had a giant time eating them up.

We had a great time of camaraderie and a great time of getting to know new folks. We got everyone on the range and got all our hunters dialed in and ready to go.

The young hunters were absolutely fabulous to guide. Just a great bunch of very respectful young hunters and a great group of parents.

Thanks to our crew; Michael, Tina, Larry, Renny and Hayden for being pro's and giving the extra effort, and ensuring our guests were taken care of.


Call 270-559-6373 to come fair chase hunt with us here in beautiful western Kentucky.